About Us


Years of experience: 30
Position: President & CEO

Dr. Jonathan Brenner, PhD has been self employed since he went to college and successfully ran several business in the U.S and abroad. He was a Consultant under President Bush's initiated Help America Vote Act as well as under President Bush's initiated No Child Left Behind Act. Jonathan is a partner/owner in a medical technology company, a biotech and pharmaceutical company, in medical clinics and a nano technology company.

Dr. Brenner established MEDICUS LLC to provide business consulting for medical and pharmaceutical businesses. He provides the leadership and forward thinking needed.


Years of experience: 20
Position: COO

Mrs. Messick has been working in the medical field since over 20 years, managing and operating clinics and pharmaceutical companies. She is experienced in developing, manufacturing and marketing of medical products and medical devices.


Years of experience: 30
Position: Director of Sales

Mr. Newman graduated as J.D. with honors and has an extensive background in medical products, health products, insurance and law. He is a recipient of the State of Florida Meritorious Service Award, worked on the Presidential Commission on the Human Immunodeficiency Virus Epidemic (1988) and appeared as an expert on HIV on NBC Nightly News and Nightline. He is a Co-Author of "A Synopsis and Analysis of the 1993 Amendments to the Florida Worker's Compensation Law, "Permanent Total Disability Defined by Social Security Law (The Blind Leading the Blind) 1995, and he is a licensed Life and Health Agent specializing in niche health insurance products.

Gavin Quinnies

Position: Director of Health Risk Management

Gavin is trained and specializes in risk management, health-care cost reduction, wellness design and web applications thereof. He has earned his BS in engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Stout. Gavin started his career developing AI, automated process planning, and intelligent networks in the aerospace industry.
He has consulted with organizations to identify health and productivity related opportunities for over 15 years. Gavin originally implemented health risk management programs at his own company in the early 90's, and ultimately was recruited for his experience to other organizations such as IBM Life Sciences.
Mr. Quinnies serves on several advisory boards in areas such as case management, block chain, cancer treatment, wellness, American Heart Association, and Youth Addiction Prevention. Gavin also is the CEO and Co-Founder of US-HealthCenter, a company providing the Health Platform to MEDICUS, LLC.


Years of experience: 40
Position: Chief Technology Development Officer

Mr. Weiner came out of the PC revolution, and took valuable technologies out of Xerox PARC and got them to market, licensing millions of software applications and hardware designs to over 100 companies from Apple to Microsoft, Lotus to Sony and Seiko.

In 1999 Mike went into business with Wilson Greatbatch, the inventor of the first successful implantable pacemaker that they licensed to Medtronic. Wilson and Mike then revolutionized pacemaker batteries, doubling their life, creating a company now worth $1 billion and trading at the NYSE under the symbol "GB".

Mike together with Wilson formed Biophan to pursue solutions to MRI safety with pacemaker, and improved visibility of clotting and restenosis in stents, under MRI vs. angiograms. This resulted in a company that grew from $30 million to a $200 million market cap, trading 2 million shares per day. Biophan closed deals with Boston Scientific and Medtronic, and executed Collaborative Research and Develop Agreements (CRADA) with the FDA, and NASA.

In 2017 Mr. Weiner joined MEDICUS as their Chief R&D Officer, bringing with him all the knowledge to successfully implement our Technologies in late stage development, like an Early Detection System for Chronic Diseases and a Bioreactor to create vaccines with the goal to treat cancer tumors on an individual level, by creating them specifically to the needs of each patient.


Years of experience: 25
Position: Director of IT/Web development

Mr. Foerke has been working in the IT and Web Design industry for 25 year. He has supported various businesses with the development, deploying and maintenance of their online platforms.


To improve your business' performance and provide a successful business strategy

To enhance and quantify your Patient Assessment using FDA and Medicare approved medical devices, improving your Patient Outcomes and increasing the medical reimbursements to your medical practice.

To achieve dramatic PAIN RELIEF for Joint Pain and Trigger Joint Pain with the most advanced and all natural product.